America Fights Back 2

America Fights Back 2

I started out the year 2022, by rapidly writing books, one after another…

But for the past 2 months, I have not been inspired to write…

But today, when I awakened from a peaceful night of rest, I was moved to start writing a new book, AMERICA FIGHTS BACK 2!!!… An addendum to my last book, AMERICA FIGHTS BACK!!!

Readers, if you were informed by helpful information in AMERICA FIGHTS BACK!!!, I know that you’ll be blessed and find even more ways and things to beseech God for concerning our Nation and World after you’ve read this new book: AMERICA FIGHTS BACK 2!!!

And you’ve consistently observed that prophecies in AMERICA FIGHTS BACK!!! are, daily, being fulfilled.

Readers, I petition you to keep the Author and America in your daily prayers…


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