America Fights Back

America Fights Back

In 2021, God led me to prophetically write a book called: AMERICA IS FALLING, FALLING, comparing America’s declining condition to the falling of Babylon in Revelation chapter 17 and 18.It’s now February 15th 2022, and God has quickened in my spirit-man to start penning a new book entitled: AMERICA FIGHTS BACK!!!Yes, America is still Falling, Falling, because of all of the ungodly things America has endorsed and have allowed to penetrate its National Borders? But I believe, in 2022, God has given our nation, endtime Grace and space to repent? And I believe, our Merciful and Loving Father has given America a little more Time and Space, for Unbelievers, Politicians and Leaders to seek God the Creator-and acknowledge and serve HIM before the rapture of the Church-and the entrance and reign of the man, who will play the role of the anti-Christ, during the Seven Years of Tribulation; after the Church has instantly vanished and departed the planet earth!!

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