A Collection of Short Stories Glorifying JESUS, Our Soon Coming King, As LORD

I am writing this book to let my Readers know-both the saved and unsaved-that Jesus is Lord!!! And that God raised HIM from the dead after HE sacrificed and gave His Life to redeem a sinful and lost world…

I know that you’ll enjoy this book… and hopefully, you’ll confess that “Jesus is Lord” and be saved before you finish reading it.

Power of the Blood 2

In 2006, I wrote a book entitled: POWER OF THE BLOOD. It is now the Year of Our Lord, 2023 and I am directed by the Holy Ghost to write another book exalting the magnificent energy and significance of the Sacrificial Lamb’s BLOOD and call it: POWER OF THE BLOOD 2. I do not yet know what will be in this book, but I know that through this book, God will teach us new things and prepare us for the days ahead. We are living in Perilous Times-The Last Days, so we must learn from the Holy Ghost, who dwells inside of every Believer, how to apply and use the Blood of Jesus to overcome the spirit of the anti-Christ, which is already in our world, anxiously waiting for the departure of the Gentile Believers, who, through the Holy Ghost are the only obstacle that is holding-back the anti-Christ and keeping this “woke-spirit” from totally taking-over, controlling, corrupting and destroying planet earth.

Out of Sodom

Father God, in the name of Jesus, Lord, I pray that this book will help somebody.I pray that this book will lead and guide someone to You, God.Lord, I ask that you let the words that I speak in this book be an encouragement to help others. Lord, I pray that this book helps someone defeat, the Adversary. Father God, you said that whatever we pray in your name, that it will be given unto us, Lord, I pray that this book help somebody, in your name, Lord. I pray Your Anointing over this book, to help and set souls free? That my testimony will help people come out of sin, and that it would help the homosexual community break free from the Adversary’s grasp on their life.

Passing down the Abrahamic Blessing Which Was Usurped from Adam and Eve by the Devil but Recovered by Jesus

I dedicate this book to the Creator who created and blessed man and woman and gave them wisdom, power, and authority to rule planet earth and to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth…

But now, the endtime spirit of the anti-Christ is here and is trying to pervert and reverse God’s order… and curse and vex God’s “Blessing” upon mankind-and corrupt and destroy the organized world which God created for mankind to live in, produce heirs, govern and rule.

The Co-Reign of the Righteous with KING JESUS in the New Jerusalem

World, it’s getting close? Time is running out!!!Jesus will soon return and rapture HIS church off the planet earth to the 3rd heaven where HE presently abides-seated on a throne, next to His Father? This book is about the culmination of the war between Good and Evil and the glorious and eternal reign of the saints with the King in the Eternal Kingdom of Light. I have written books called: SIGNS of HIS COMING; ETERNAL LIFE AFTER THE STORM; STEPPING INTO ETERNITY and other Christian books alerting souls to be ready for Eternal Life with Jesus-or be ready to enter into eternal torment and suffering in the Lake of Fire. As an Evangelist, this could be my last book warning Sinners to come to Christ!!!He’s coming soon!!!

Thank God For Cancer

This book is about how I loved everyone in my life more than myself, enlightening spiritual testimony of the different ways GOD can lead, guide, help one to endure and overcome; and how, because of having to fight cancer, I was able to live through all my struggles, including breast cancer.

THE TIMES OF POLITICAL JUDGES AND WOKERS (When every man did what was right in his own eyes)

This book was inspired by the Holy Spirit in me, as I watched a recent elected Democratic Congressman, boasting that he had been elected and won because he had promised his constituents in his state; that he would defend and sustain their Rights to Abortions? Earlier this year in 2022, the Supreme Court reversed their 1973 decision of Roe Vs. Wade; stating that the 62-year-old rule, making abortions a federal matter would be once again, delegated and determined by individual States? This reversed decision by the US Supreme Court angered many people in America… Knowing this, this Politician boasted that: “restoring Abortion Rights was the answer for the Democrats to win in upcoming elections?” Leaning over the balcony of the 3rd heaven and observing the callous heart of America-and hearing the boast of this newly elected “Woke man”, “JESUS WEPT”? You See, earlier this year, answering the prayers of Believers, the Son of God extended mercy and grace in America; by touching the conscience of the Supreme Court to abandon and reverse this law which had for over sixty years, cruelly extinguished the lives of more than 60 million unborn souls in our Country!!! By writing this book, I will attempt, through TRUTH and by the preaching of the Gospel, to provoke this Evil Generation to Believe and Repent!!!