Don’t Bow To The Endtime gods

Don’t Bow To The Endtime gods

This may be the last book God births in my spirit-man to start writing on this Sunday night, December 12, 2021.

I know and believe that the rapture of God’s people from the planet earth is imminent and will soon occur.

God has quickened and enlightened me to start penning this book tonight, as a warning to admonish the people of this end-time world to “NOT BOW” to the seducing and belligerent spirits that have entered our earth.

Satan, the devil, realizing his time is short, is going about like a Roaring Lion, “seeking whom he may devour.”

This could be my last book to warn and alert you “NOT TO BOW” to these endtime demonic-spirits.

Submit and surrender your heart and life to the Lamb of God today before you die and encounter the Lord Jesus Christ as JUDGE instead of SAVIOR.

I also pray as you read this book, you’ll be totally motivated-directed and convicted by the SPIRIT of GOD unto Salvation.

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