In Tune With His Spirit

In Tune With His Spirit

This book, IN TUNE WITH HIS SPIRIT, was inspired and is dedicated to the founding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason. I became familiar with the exploits of this great man of God, as a young preacher, sitting day and night in the home of Mother Susie Gay, an elderly saint who was born in the 1890s before the dawning of the Twentieth Century. Her stories inspired me as she spoke of the times she encountered him of the atmosphere of deliverance, healing, repentance, and salvation that accompanied him as he ministered to, taught, and broke bread with his followers… The ambiance of heaven and the divine saturated the atmosphere in his presence, as saints were healed, sinners were saved and demons and spirits of infirmities cried out in fear as they were cast out of the bodies and lives of God’s people.No! Bishop was not perfect; for no saint is — But he had only one wife, no scandals, and to the best of his ability and knowledge, through daily seeking the 3rd person of the Trinity which he referred to as the Holy Ghost; he lived an exemplary and holy life.I pray that these poems in this tribute to our found bishop encourage you during these trying days of the pandemic… may these writings encourage and inspire someone to be saved and to preserve in these final days before the LORD’s return to rapture HIS church. And I pray that these poems inspire Believers to keep looking to Jesus; the Author and Finisher of our Faith. Enjoy and be blessed!!!

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