Jesus’ Imminent Return Is Soon

Jesus’ Imminent Return Is Soon

It’s 4:38 Central Time on Saturday morning in the year of our Lord, October 23, 2021, God has awakened me from sleep with a prophetic unction to pen this book subtitled: He’s coming back!!!I am a minister and an author, but I only write books when I am compelled by God’s Spirit to do so? THIS MORNING I AM? Readers, you would be wise to listen to me today; since I believe that this book is a Rhema Word from Jehovah God and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ, given by His Holy Spirit? JESUS IS COMING SOON!!!I pray all who are prompted by the SPIRIT to read this book will repent of their sin and accept our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST today!!! HE’S COMING SOON?

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