Not Woke But Awaken

Not Woke But Awaken

What is the definition of “being woke?”

“BEING WOKE” is Mankind’s attempt to, once again, build His own Tower to Heaven, solve His own problems and “make for Himself a name.” By “BEING WOKE,” Mankind no longer needs the Bible or God’s Word; but Man can rely on Himself to solve the World’s Problems: problems of hunger, discrimination, sexual preference, racial prejudices, and inequalities? By being Woke; Man, Himself, can now eradicate and cure climate changes and environmental issues through the arenas of stopping production of oil and natural gases.

Woke Man, by pardoning criminals and defunding police departments, can somehow, SATURATE THE WORLD WITH CRIMINALS and make our world a safer and better place? “BEING WOKE”, eliminates the need for God and the WORD of Truth and aborts and destroys man’s inner-conscience of the reality of Eternity’s, Heaven or Hell? the places of all men and women Destiny-before entering the New Jerusalem or The Lake of Fire?

“BEING WOKE” is Mankind’s Way of claiming Himself to be GOD!!!

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