All poems in this section are authored and copy written by Robert L. Shepherd, Jr. On this page, old and new poems will be added by the author periodically.


Faith Faith moves mountains,
And makes the high hills low.
Faith marches always forward
To face the stubborn foe!
Faith is not deterred
Nor hindered by what is sees
But faith, no matter how dark the night
Sings of victories!
Faith won many a battle
Where gun was never heard.
Faith made the sun stand still
With just a spoken word.
Faith healed the sick.
Faith raised the dead.
Faith stopped the mouths of lions.
And my soul by faith was fed.

Tribute to Bishop:
Charles Harrison Mason

A man with a vision that knew no compromise
A man with heart that had no dark disguise
No Scepter, no honor No glory did he seek,
But with a spirit of humility, he didn’t know defeat.
Why shouldn’t I boast of Him? Of lesser men we boast
Why should his only choir be of that angelic host?
For he lived and moved among us and we followed him as he led.
He prayed for our infirmities; he buried our dead.
He cast out devils in his Master’s name.
And the anointing of the Holy Ghost was in every song he sang.
The compassion and warmth in his heart, how could one man bear?
But let not us think it was his own-It was the Savior’s care.
Often more than often, he shun the meat and bread;
For his heart’s desire was to do what Jesus said.
And many souls were saved just because they heard him pray,
And rebuke the powers of darkness in such a bold and fearless way.
But at the age of ninety-five this warrior sought the sky.
Yet his soul and spirit livethFor in God-no saint can die!
(His Fruit Lives On In The Regenerated Hearts Of Millions.)

God is Working Things Out for Me

It’s much too dark to see, But God is working things out for me. He knows I’ve failed–that I’ve sinned And that I’ve turned to Him again So as “big of a wreck” as I might be… God is working things out for me. He cares; I know he do! And I know God’s word is true. Sometimes through tears its hard to see, But God is working things out for me! I’ll never be the same I’ll always love His Holy name. It’s still much too dark to see But God is working things out for me.

The Devil, Like A Hungry Lion Desires Our Souls

Hell’s angels are on the track In fury trying to turn us back, But they will not succeed, For the blood of Christ is all we need To resist Hell’s attack. Hell’s angels boss sits in his oval seat With patience plotting our defeat But we must continue to fast and pray If God’s angels meets delay; Eating the scroll for our meat. Hell’s angels deal in dope, Stealing joy and stealing hope But if we resist the devil’s plea, He’ll soon depart from you and me Dragging along his empty rope. Hell’s angels are organized Sometimes we know them; sometimes they’re disguised But don’t be deceived by their employ For they come but for to steal, kill, and destroy Everything that’s dear to me and you; They’ll steal our joy Our patience, too. And when they’ve stolen everything, they will Our souls sins will kill. And for an eternity; our prison cell, Will be the red-flaming fiery pit of hell. If we trip, let’s not fall But let’s listen to the silent call Of time beckoning-on Eternity; And choose Christ, our Liberty.

A Christian March​

March on fellow soldiers Though the way be tough ahead And all along the road stack the corpses of the dead.In the land of Egypt Where the Nile stretched in blue, A man would sweat and perish In bondage for being a Jew.In the roman arena Beneath a Heavenly blue sky People fed the lions But the Christians had to die.In the heart of the jungle Deep within pagan lands, fearless men of God crumbled With the Bible in their hands. But weep not for you fallen brothers For they did not really die; Their flesh decayed into dust But their spirits sought the sky! Behold those crimsoned corpses Stacked in piles along the way: The spirits are not in them; They are with the Lord today!In the Land of Jerusalem On a hill called Calvary The Son of God gave His life, And from death set us free.Let’s not be afraid to follow him Christian Army Band. Lets march onward trusting Him, And He’ll lead us into a land Where everywhere one looks Over floweth with milk and honey And streets are paved in glistening gold Beneath skies forever sunny.

Don't Quit​

I know you are tired And the journey is long, And it seems as though now You can’t go on. But don’t give up For just up ahead There’s a flowing stream And a resting bed. I know you have tried– you can’t crack the door And your hopes and dreams Lie crushed on the floor. But don’t give up Pick up your broken dreams Keep knocking on the door. There’ll be a brighter scene.

Look to the hills

Lord, help me to be what you want me to be I can’t make it on my own. I need you more and more each day To help me carry on. Sometimes this road I’m traveling Gets awful lonely and rough, But Lord help me to do your will, And let patience build me up. Lord, help me to wait on you. For I know somewhere up the road, You’ll relieve my burdens And take off this heavy load Which is weighty and tiresome And ails my aching back. Oh Lord, Help me to do your will. And keep me on the track– That straight and narrow path Which leads to Heaven’s door And I will praise your Holy Name Now and forevermore. I hear a voice deep within me Saying, “Son, do not despair. I heard your cry in Heaven I know what you can bear. So when you kneel and pray, Remember that I care, I am with you always And I hear your prayer. Be still my child and wait on me And I will dry all tears from your eyes, For I know how much you love me And how much thou soul hast cried.”

Don't Worry About Tomorrow

Don’t worry about tomorrow For the evil of today Will be enough to test your strength, And humble you to pray. Don’t think about the darkness When daylight has just begun. But while it is warm and bright Be energized by the sun! Don’t faint when you’re pressed against the wall And there’s nowhere else to go But take the invisible hammer of prayer And chisel out a door! Don’t say, “It’s all over”, When the doctor shakes his head But by the faith of God that’s in you, Rise up and make your bed! Don’t say, “I’ll eat my last and die”, When your barrel is at its end But give to someone else Your barrel will rise again! Tomorrow it is standing Beyond the shadow of today Walk in the light of the presence And faith will make a way.

The Greatest Is Love

“Love thy neighbor as thyself” Are words our gracious Father left. Love is vibrant, forever living. Always active, warm, and giving: Always beaming like the sun Expecting nothing in return Its energy and its light Upon a world dark with night. Love is patient, love is kind; A comforter to the heart and mind. It loathes iniquity and sin, but truth and love rejoices in. Love never faileth-through love all thins endure Love isn’t envious or deceitful; love is pure. Love claims no enemies; love is meek. When love is smote on the right, it turns the other check. Love is forgiving; it remembers not a repented wrong– Love is just…eternal and strong. My brother, love your neighbor, your relatives, your children, your wife. Even though hatred abound, retain love in your life; Because this message is from our Father above; Listen, Dear Friend. God is Love!!!

The Beginning Of Knowledge Is The Fear Of God

How long will you simple ones be simple While wisdom uttereth in the street. Offering you the key to Eternal life– Her most precious treat? How long will you scorners delight in scorning While wisdom beckons at the gate, Inviting you to enter Her palace Where there’s freedom from contemptuous hate? How long will you be a fool and hate knowledge While Wisdom knocks at your door, Offering to you Her precious fruit And council…forever more? If wisdom crieth without, and you refuse to hear her cry She will laugh at your calamity and mock you as you die. But if you fear the Lord and in love accept His will, In you, knowledge and understanding, He’ll graciously instill.

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Find Your Books
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