Power of Grace

Power of Grace

This book is a message of Grace birthed in me by the Holy Spirit through many years of struggle.

This book is solely derived by the Grace of a loving Father concerned about the welfare of His children…a High Priest who is touched by our infirmities’ feelings.

Please, readers, don’t allow the devil to use this book to deceive you into thinking that Grace gives one the license to sin. It does not…God forbid! God hates sin…. For the wages of sin is Death… and the soul that sinneth, it shall surely die.

The intent of this book is to awaken you to Righteousness so that you might take your rightful places and live the abundant life as sons and daughters of God in the earth…If you’re a Christian, Christ has paid the price for your triumphant walk in Him.

Some things in this book will be unique and controversial and will not at first smoothly fit within the belief system of some readers… I understand.

But a few of you who know the voice of God when you hear it will know that the Holy Spirit has spoken to and through this weak and fragile vessel-a vessel that was marred and broken in the hands of a Wise Potter who would not willingly give up on it or cast it aside; but would gracefully complete the work He began.

When I came into the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, with evidence of speaking in tongues, I thought: “Finally, all of my troubles are over.”

But man, was I mistaken!

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