Power of the Blood 2

Power of the Blood 2

In 2006, I wrote a book entitled: POWER OF THE BLOOD. It is now the Year of Our Lord, 2023 and I am directed by the Holy Ghost to write another book exalting the magnificent energy and significance of the Sacrificial Lamb’s BLOOD and call it: POWER OF THE BLOOD 2. I do not yet know what will be in this book, but I know that through this book, God will teach us new things and prepare us for the days ahead. We are living in Perilous Times-The Last Days, so we must learn from the Holy Ghost, who dwells inside of every Believer, how to apply and use the Blood of Jesus to overcome the spirit of the anti-Christ, which is already in our world, anxiously waiting for the departure of the Gentile Believers, who, through the Holy Ghost are the only obstacle that is holding-back the anti-Christ and keeping this “woke-spirit” from totally taking-over, controlling, corrupting and destroying planet earth.


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