The Earth Is Preparing Itself for a New World Order

The Earth Is Preparing Itself for a New World Order

This book is written to remind the world that every prophecy in the Old Testament concerning the Messiah’s birth, death, and resurrection from the dead was fulfilled in the New Testament? Therefore, you would be wise to believe and prepare yourselves for HIS soon return… John*, ** one of Jesus’ apostles informed us, during his lifetime, that?* “The spirit of the*** anti-Christ* was already here*.” *This anti-Christ spirit existed in both the Old and New Testament and has always attempted to obtain victory over God’s people of the kingdom of light? But our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and HIS BLOOD have always prevailed against this satanic spirit of darkness? Before Christ’s second return, during the final 3 1/2 years of the 7-year tribulation, this anti-Christ figure will play his greatest role in the Kingdom of darkness, upon our planet earth, by imitating the Messiah and entering the temple in Jerusalem and taking a seat upon David’s throne? But before he can perform this task-the devil or god of this world, must bring in a perilous new-world-order of turmoil and sin; where Zombie-like men and women, from all nations on the earth, will be dictated-by and ruled-by anti-Christ prototypes-*degenerate**, unwise, *selfish-psychotic-leaders who will not know or fear God? (Leaders such as Nimrod**, Nebuchadnezzar, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini and some modern-day deceivers, whom I will not name). During this 7-year tribulation period, this coming anti-Christ will appear and replace these world leaders. Readers, I pray you’ll enjoy this book-and hopefully, submit your lives to the** KING!!!

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