The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity

This book entitled, THE HOLY TRINITY, is a book I started writing on the last Sunday of 2021, after awakening from a dream.

In that dream, I was constantly attempting to create and produce something perfect? as I was being given proscribed and repetitive instructions. But in the dream, I could never produce the article I was repeatedly being given instructions and ingredients to create? The moment I became fully aware that I had awakened from sleep, I got up and went to my computer and started typing this book entitled: The Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost; the Eternal Pre-and-Post-Existing ONE. I would have never endeavored to write this book, especially after having heard Bishop T. D. Jake once proclaim something like this; while preaching a sermon; “No one can describe the Holy Trinity! A person would lose his mind attempting to do this…”

I will begin with prayer, as I start Chapter One; praying and asking God to give me supernatural wisdom and understanding to be the one: TO DO JUST THAT!!!

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