The Power of Love

The Power of Love

In 2004, I wrote a book titled, THE POWER OF GRACE and in it, I gave my personal testimony of being addicted to crack, pornography and alcohol for many years. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, but subsequently, I found that my devotion and love for God were obviously lacking. Even knowing that the wages of sin were death, my desire for those sinful things seemed greater than my Love for God. Jesus said in scripture that if we loved Him we would manifest that love by keeping His commandments. Oh, how I must have broken the heart of God and grieved God’s Holy Spirit by my neglect for the things of God. God saved me, called me, and chose me but I could not and did not know how to submit unto Him, my all. When I would determine in my heart to do good–I did those things that were evil. Since I knew God’s Word that clearly proclaimed that the wages of sin were death, I was mentally in constant fear of falling into hell and in fear for my very soul. If God, for only a second, would have retracted His love, mercy, and His grace, hell would have opened wide its foul fiery mouth and swallowed me up and eternally devoured and consumed me in its boiling, fuming flames? And believe me; I deserved hell’s eternal punishment and horrors. I don’t know how a Holy God could love a man as defiled and as sinful as I was, but yet He loved me and demonstrated it when He kept bringing me out of hell–and out of the grasp of death’s eager and deadly jaws. In a feeble attempt, I will try to write about the fortitude, greatness, and immensity of the Love of God? So I have entitled this book, “The Power of Love”.

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