The World Health Organization: An Endtime Anti-Christ Agency

The World Health Organization: An Endtime Anti-Christ Agency

As a Bible student and a longtime pupil of biblical prophecy; this book is given to me by the Holy Spirit, to warn the endtime world that is presently caught up and seduced by cunning-lies and endtime-delusions, to the fact that, we’re living in the Last Days… and the Enemy has upped his game to steal, kill and destroy the earth and its inhabitants…

There are organizations in this earth that Satan will use to prepare the way for his Endtime-anti-Christ, to govern and rule the earth, after God has raptured HIS Church off the planet.

One of them is the World Health Organization, which is presently developing its power, skill, and tools to seduce and mold the world into submission and obedience, through lies and fear; in order that the people of the earth can be governed and controlled by one man-the anti-Christ, when he finally makes himself known.

Read this book, prayerfully, with spiritual discernment-so that God may enlighten your eyes… and fill your ears and heart with Truth!!!

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