War of the World

War of the World

As I laid in the VA hospital bed, preparing for a major surgery, God supernaturally directed and anointed me to mentally start penning this book, WAR OF THE WORLD: darkness vs. LIGHT. In the first chapter of Saint John we are informed that “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the WORD was God.”

John goes on to tell us more about this in the First Chapter of the book of the Gospel of John? he informs us that the “Word became Flesh and the LIGHT of the world… and Darkness attacked the LIGHT but could not overcome it or put it out.” I will expound on this story in the First chapter of WAR OF THE WORLD, before I give you a biblical interpretation of Psalms Chapter 91 and 92, in the Second Chapter of this book; informing my Readers, how Father God defines HIS Divine Protection and Power for HIS Children, on planet earth…

In War of the World, you’ll see both God’s Sovereignty and Protection over mankind and over the Planet earth? and you’ll vividly view, the Power of LIGHT over darkness… I pray you Enjoy this book!!!

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