What Shall It Profit?

What Shall It Profit?

This book is about soul winning. It was written both to win souls and to inspire Christians who have been sleeping to wake from slumber and pick up their cross and go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature. This book should remind God’s church why it is here and what it is called to do: Preach the gospel and make disciples of men. In this book, the author reminds us of the value of a soul. And he provokes us to have compassion for souls by reminding us that “the soul that sinneth shall surely die.”The author reminds us of the reality of heaven and hell since we live in an era of unbelief, wherein many, even some who call themselves Christians, no longer believe in the verity of God’s Word. The Son of God entered into our world to die for man’s sin so that souls could have a right to partake of the Tree of Life. This book will give you an opportunity to choose life or death…. heaven or hell. “WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE?”

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